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Affordable Carpet Cleaning In Liverpool

carpet cleaning liverpoolLooking for a professional carpet cleaning services in Liverpool, that can deliver on its promises? Here is the answer to all your cleanup worries. Liverpool Carpet Care Ltd is a professional carpet cleaning company for your property, no matter of the cleaning issue. With more than 10 years in domestic carpet cleaning service to the Liverpool community, we have the knowledge and skills to provide the most reasonable carpet cleaning priced in Liverpool and great results each time you give us a call. Be a part of our family and enjoy:

  • Latest cleaning technology
  • Free booking slots
  • Insured & vetted cleaners
  • Different payment options
  • No additional fees

We will give you the most proper cleanup solution for your home cleaning, just call 0151 673 0108 and get an appointment with an expert team of carpet cleaners in Liverpool. You can also get a free quote on the phone or if you use our free instant chat, contact us anytime, we are here waiting to help you.

Our Spectrum Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Our expertise spans the entire spectrum of carpet fibers and materials, here are just to name a few: cotton, Kashmir, sisal, satin, wool, blends, woven, handmade, acrylic, vinyl and a lot more.

Dry Carpet Cleaning in Liverpool

This method is made with natural materials in mind, giving natural carpet owners a peace of mind when it comes to cleaning. With this technique, we are able to fully remove dirt and grime from the fibers without damaging them or their colours. The carpet retains its qualities, without retaining any moisture or of its accumulate dirt and grime. To remove stains and general filth the carpet cleaners use a dry compound which we embed with a fine brush. After said compound settles we extract it and along with it all grime and filth with no trace of them behind.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

liverpool carpet cleanerOffers a very powerful alternative to stain removal, due to its dirt cutting edge the treatments is suitable for synthetic and woolen materials which can withstand heat and moisture treatments. To clean and remove stains Liverpool carpet cleaner inject the affected area with a steam jet while simultaneously removing the moisture and odours from the carpet using a high powered vacuum machine. The carpet's fibers retain some of the moisture used in the cleaning, which we leave to dry naturally for 3-4 hours.

Additional Cleaning Services We Offer in Liverpool

Domestic cleaning has a focus on the cleaning of particular parts of your home, like the kitchen, bathroom or hallway with a specified time slot. We work deposit and contract free meaning you can cancel or book at any time.

End of Tenancy cleaning handles the cleaning of lots, houses and flats making them ready for new inhabitants by removing any reminder of old ones. With full failsafe techniques and satisfaction guarantee, you cannot go wrong by booking us.

Commercial cleaning is a streamlined service which handles the cleaning of offices, cinemas and any other commercial building with preferential rates and special deals and offers to further reduce the already reasonable prices of the service.

Rug cleaning handles the proper maintenance and cleaning of exotic and regular rugs at reasonable prices, all using natural detergents and methods to get the best out of your rugs.

Curtain cleaning manages to remove stains odours and dust accumulations from a wide range of curtain varieties and materials types, with a 100% safe cleaning method for natural materials.

Upholstery cleaning in Liverpool has a special treatment for natural and synthetic materials, offering clients an adequate cleaning of suede, leather, and woolen materials.

Mattress cleaning focuses entirely on the safe removal of bed dust and stains from your bed mattress and pillows. Using natural methods, we can do miracles and exterminate entire populations of bed bugs within minutes. We cal always provide and mattress disposal in Liverpool too.

Book Liverpool Carpet Cleaner

To book an appointment with a professional carpet cleaner in Liverpool, give us a call at 0151 673 0108 and specify your needs, the polite customer support will give you an advice on what suits your needs the most and handle any other arrangements when you are booking. Get a free quote by phone or request a personal carpet cleaning in Liverpool, upholstery cleaning in Liverpool or any other visit from our supervisors for an onsite inspection.