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A: This depends on the size of your household and if there are any pets or small children. A medium sized family of 4 people with pets needs to get their carpets cleaned every 2-3 months with the most active families requiring more regular visits.

A: Absolutely Yes - we remove dust from the breathable air and extract allergens while still retaining the look off your carpets and rugs.

A: We strive to deliver the safest, most optimal results each time we clean for you. This is why we work with fully bio-degradable, eco-friendly detergents that get the results you want, without poisoning your family.

A: We do not require nor work with deposits, for the convenience and fairness towards customers.

A: Most certainly! Give us a call at 0151 673 0108 and specify your problem, our trained specialists will be more than happy to assist you.

A: We use natural detergents to reduce the chance of allergic reactions in more sensitive individuals. At the same time said detergents alleviate the presence of allergens in your home, making them a great ally.

A: We do appreciate a parking spot near the location we are going to clean, it saves us time and extra effort that could go towards the cleaning of your home. With the End of Tenancy service we require that the premise is fully vacated with no personal belongings, otherwise we cannot perform our duties.