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Cleaning Services in Liverpool

We provide a full package of treatments and services which can be booked separately or combined in one big order. Combined bookings get you a discount on your entire order. To learn more about any of these treatments, go their respective pages linked.

Carpet cleaning
This service focuses on the proper maintenance and care of a wide range of carpets. We extract dirt, grime and stains from the fibers of the carpet without causing damage to the colours or fibers while maintaining healthy pH levels that suit domestic standards. Check more here.

Rug cleaning
Is a specialised treatment that aims to carefully treat rugs of all origins, both exotic and more mainstream. With special treatments for both kinds, we can guarantee a safe, proper cleaning of a wide range of fiber types, all done with natural detergents. For more information on this service, go here.

Upholstery cleaning
With so many different kinds of upholstery out there, the only way to be sure of proper cleaning is by using a professional service like this one. With optimised treatments for both natural and synthetic materials, we can guarantee safe results each time we clean. How we clean, learn here.

Curtain cleaning
For outstanding results, full grime and stain removal use this service. We work on a wide range of fabric types and drape variants in order to secure the proper results on your personal project. To see how we do that, check this page.

Mattress cleaning
Offering you a proper odour and grime removal, this treatment can also fully remove and prevent bed bugs or dust mites infestations with natural remedies for their full extermination and carcass removal. We do it in a natural, healthy way that exterminates the pest but does not harm your or your family. For more info on that, go here.

Domestic cleaning
A treatment focused on the cleaning of entire rooms or particular parts of a home, our domestic cleaning allows clients to fully customise their cleaning experience, deposit and contract free. Learn more here.

Commercial cleaning
A service tailored to your personal business needs and standards, our commercial cleaning offers a wide range of cleaning solutions for large and small businesses. With appropriate discounts and offers for everyone to enjoy and save time and money on. Get more info by clicking (here).

End of Tenancy Cleaning
For a complete cleaning of properties, flats and houses, this treatment offers tenants and landlords alike a complete cleaning package. With zero compromises to the quality of our treatment and flexible booking, you can enjoy this service anytime you need it. Get more info on how we clean, by going here.