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Rug Cleaning In Liverpool

rug cleaning liverpoolGet the best for your favourite rugs, protect your investment and use our professional rug cleaning service for sure, safe cleaning result each time. With the right equipment, detergents and training we can guarantee proper results each time you book us. Call now and get:

  • Always chemical free cleaning services
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Don't take a risk with your exotic Persian rugs, give our professional cleaning service a call get a proper cleanup. Book by calling 0151 673 0108 where our friendly team will help you with any questions you may have.

Expert Rug Cleanup in Liverpool

We have a wide range of rug cleaning capability, spanning these and other fabric types: sisal, silk, Kashmiri, cotton, cotton, vinyl, woven, woolen, blended, Persian, Turkish, Oriental, hash and a lot more.

Dry Rug Cleaning
Offering clients a specialised treatment which deals with stains and blemishes on natural fibered rugs. The treatment has been created with rug safety in mind and is a prime candidate for Persian rug cleaning. We work with natural detergents that work great with the natural fibers of your rugs, removing the dirt inside, without binding with the fiber themselves. The dry compound we use is a granulated detergent which binds with the filth with the help of a fine brush. After settling the detergent and debris are extracted using a high powered vacuum machine. It draws moisture and odours along with it leaving your rugs completely clean, no drying required.

Rug Steam Cleaning
This is a fast acting cleaning technique that breaks the bonds between the stains and the fibers of your rugs. To do that it uses a high powered steam jet which we inject into the textile using a high pressure, the steam jet is infused with a special detergent which counteracts the affects of the stain and reduces pH levels to a medium. To properly clean the rug we first use a vacuum machine to remove any debris that might hinder our work, then we apply the steam jet detergent mixture and immediately draw it our with vacuum. To prevent overheating and fiber damage we leave 5% of the moisture to dry naturally, which should dissipate within 3-4m hours of completion.

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To book this service and any of the treatments included, give us a call at 0151 673 0108 and request a rug cleaning or any other service you need to. Talk to our friendly client support and they will give you the whole info on special deals and offers we provide. Reserve a professional cleaning help while on the phone and learn more about how to save time and money with Liverpool Carpet Care. Rely on us every time you need a professional cleaning attitude in your home or office.