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The Proven Upholstery Cleaning In Liverpool

upholstery cleaning liverpoolLiverpool Carpet Care Ltd. is an efficient upholstery cleaning service provider. As professionals with more than 10 years of experience, we can guarantee perfect cleaning and flawless results. Our precise machines and proficient cleaners will supply fantastic results, no matter of your cleanup requirements. Call us today and get:

  • Fully cleaned upholstery
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Get the finest upholstery cleaning and ensure yourself the satisfaction of proper upholstery care. Keep your upholstered furniture looking brand new, call 0151 673 0108 and book any of our furniture care treatments, free of deposits and extra charges, get a discount and a free quote as well.

Liverpool Carpet Care Special Furniture Treatments

Our professional adverse treatments cover the cleaning of all types of textile, leather - both natural and synthetic, velvet, suede, cotton, Kashmir, silk, satin, acrylic, vinyl, wool, argyll and a lot more. All of the cleaning treatments are specially selected to meet the high demands of our customer`s needs according to their upholstery and furniture. Settees, chairs, sofas, couch, divan and any other furniture type for sitting.

Leather Upholstery Treatment
This upholstery procedure has several components, its maintains the quality of the leather, cleanses its pores from dirt accumulation and can even deal with stains. As a natural product, leather has a relatively short lifetime. With usage that lifetime gets shorter as the natural oils keeping it get evaporated or wiped away. This causes the leather to dry out, making it unpleasant to the touch and a lot more likely to flake and break. To prevent this, or in early stages remedy it, we use a rejuvenating agent which opens the pores of the leather making it easier to absorb as much of the agent as possible. This opening also allows dirt to be extracted and stains to be cleaned.

Upholstery Steam Cleaning
upholstery cleaner liverpoolThe furniture steam cleaning procedure follows strict steps of cleaning on upholstery. Using a narrow nozzle we remove debris and blast away any stains, this does introduce moisture into the fibers, however, it is immediately extracted leaving only a small portion to be air dried. The technique has used with allergens, removing them from the base and surface of the fibers, reducing airborne particles by 75% and even more. The professionals use a special eco-friendly detergent suited for the exact upholstery type and the stains present. The expert upholstery cleaners infuse it into the steam making a powerful cleaning mixture which has a high biodegradability. The whole process is totally nontoxic that is why you can expect from the technicians perfect cleaning results anytime you choose our upholstery cleaning for your house or office property in Liverpool. 

Free Service Booking

Give us a call anytime you need us! Dial 0151 673 0108 and our professional cleaners will be at your doorstep at the scheduled time and date, at the most convenient moment for you. Do not hesitate to book your carpet or upholstery cleaning in Liverpool today, it`s fast, easy and absolute inexpensive. Check out the special offers we provide or simply ask about them on the phone. Get a free price estimate by phone or simply use our live chat option. According to commercial orders, landlords and estate agents get in touch by phone or meet us in person.